To bring about impactful change in agriculture, industry and financial inclusion, CIPP advocates efficiency and innovation in public policy through collaboration between government, civil society, and the private sector. We have been involved with state governments and private firms to improvise already existing policies to ensure proper implementation and bridging the gap between administrative goals and on-ground policy impact.

Some examples:

CIPP was invited by the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Haryana Government, to submit recommendations, and analyze and improve the Haryana Enterprise Employment Promotion Policy HEEPP, 2020, in active involvement with the Department of Industries and Commerce, Haryana. We also organized a training session for Haryana’s MLAs to help them better understand and leverage government policy in their respective districts.

CIPP was invited by the Agriculture Minister of Haryana Government to study the Pashudhan Credit Card scheme and suggest ways to ensure its better implementation on the ground. We are also working with the Fisheries Department of the Haryana Government to present the state’s proposal for the central government’s Prime Minister’s Matsya Sampadan Yojana (PMMSY).

We have helped the Haryana agricultural ministry improve its PDKCC scheme implementation on the ground, and are now working to get Small Finance Banks involved in this scheme.

In collaboration with the Institute of Competitiveness. CIPP s conducted independent research on custodian banking in India. This report advocates for a niche custodian banking license as part of differentiated banking licenses.

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