The Centre for Innovation in Public Policy is a think-and-do tank whose mission is to build the best implementable solutions for the largest public good.

Collaboration between the social sector, government, the private sector, and civil society is crucial for building and implementing solutions. These collaborations need to happen in innovative ways; as no one size fits all, all these disparate parts of an economy need to work together. Our objective is to harness great ideas to build collaborative solutions between government, private sector, and social entrepreneurs. CIPP aims to be the glue that stitches these alliances together and forge a common platform for them to perform.

We believe that the world does not lack ideas or problem solvers. But it has to move beyond solving problems on paper to implementing them on the ground. It is our belief that, in the area of policy, equal importance should be given to ideas and successful implementation, and that ideas are not the domain of a few--they can emerge from anybody, anywhere.