Policy Talks

Interviews with doers and thinkers on pollcy, governance and other critical issues concerning the larger public good

08-May-23 Bharat Bhushan Tyagi: The future of agriculture is multi-crop and multi-layered
09-Feb-22 Pramod Varma: time for a new global payments network
30-Dec-22 Richard Turrin: CBDCs will change foreign banking in 2023
08-Dec-22 Brett King: AI combined with climate crisis changing economic systems
17-Nov-22 Pramath Sinha: need for multi-disciplinary centres at universities
04-Nov-22 Master class on Digital Public Goods
29-Oct-22 Urban Policy in India under PM Modi is more city centric and contextual
29-Sep-22 Biased rating of India's democracy: global conspiracy against Modi govt?
9-Jun-22 Start-ups need an association like Nasscom and safety net for employees
06-Apr-22 How to avoid digital distractions
22–Feb-22 Meta skills will be needed; your degree isnt enough
08-Feb-22 Culture is capital– But first, we need a Culture Policy
28-Dec-21 Capacity Commission is PM Modi's biggest bureaucracy reform
19-Aug-21 India needs a policy on digital banking licenses
10-Aug-21 Aadhar saved India Rs 1.8 lakh crore: UIDAI CEO
22-Jun-21 How banking licenses should be given in India
03-Jun-21 Bihar health minister: State has done better than other states in Covid management
03-May-21 Punjab taking Army's help tio fight Covid
19-Apr-21 Health Minister Haryana Anil Vij, "tough decisions needed to tackle corona
19-Mar-21 Policy talks with Haryan Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala
10-Mar-21 Haryana CM Manohar Lal on state's policies to promote growth
22-Jul-20 Punjab Education Minister taks about Covid 19's impact on schools
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